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Lisie College of Allied Health Sciences, (a unit of Lisie Medical and Educational institutions) is one of the prominent academic establishments in Kerala, situated at the heart of the city of Ernakulam. Well equipped with all the modern laboratory facilities and extremely qualified faculty, this academic institute impart consistently updated, world-class education in the field of laboratory medicine and allied health sciences. The various bachelors and diploma courses conducted at Lisie College of Allied Health Sciences are aligned to specifically train and prepare the students to become top notch experts in their field for providing the best professional service to the society along with catering to the needs of the rapid boom and challenges in health, research educational and medical industry. Our students are in high demand and are largely absorbed by reputed hospitals and academic institutions in the country and abroad.


  1. Fully equipped laboratory to conduct practical sessions and highly qualified teachers with PhDs/MBBS/MD to conduct theory classes in for the subjects.
  2. Multispecialty parent hospital (Lisie Hospital) in the same campus facilitating easy access to hands on training in routine activities of clinical laboratories.
  3. Compulsory participation in various extra-curricular activities and team work promoting overall social, cultural and holistic development of every student.
  4. Calm chapel and disciplined hospital environment promoting not just academic excellence but also spiritual as well as moral development of every student.
  5. Monthly review, quiz, seminars and webinars that helps in stretching the progress of every student to their maximum possible potential.
  6. Friendly, caring and committed teachers providing wholehearted support and assistance for every student at every sphere.
  7. Development of core values like honesty, discipline, compassion, stewardship, justice, commitment and reverence for life ensuring every student entrusted in our care, turns into a socially committed responsible adult


1. Degree courses (Affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences

  •  BSc MLT (Bachler of Medical Laboratory Technology,)
  •  BCVT(Bachler Degree in Cardio Vascular Technology

2. Diploma courses

  • DDT(Diploma in Dialysis Technology)- recognized by DME Govt. of Kerala
  • DACCT(Diploma in Anesthesia and Critical Care Technology) recognized by Christian Medical Association of India (CMAI) 


B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) is an Undergraduate Program offered by Lisie College of Allied Health Sciences.


Medical Laboratory Technology is an Allied Health specialty concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases through the use of clinical laboratory tests. Though the Medical Lab technologists spend less time with patients than doctors and nurses, medical laboratory professionals are just as dedicated to patient's health.


As vital members of the health care team, medical laboratory professionals play a critical role in collecting the information needed to give the best care to an ill or injured patient. The fact is that the practice of modern medicine would be impossible without the tests performed in the laboratory.


Medical laboratory professionals have unlimited choices of practice settings. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, public health facilities, and commercial laboratories all have positions open right now for qualified laboratory professionals. In these settings, communication and research skills are highly valued. Employment of clinical laboratory workers is expected to grow as the volume of laboratory tests increases with population growth and the development of new types of tests.

Students are trained in state of the art laboratories of clinical biochemistry, clinical pathology, clinical haematology, bacteriology, mycology, virology, parasitology, transfusion medicine, immunology, molecular technology etc.

Career Opportunities

Given the focus on the healthcare and the demand for allied health professionals, it is expected to grow faster than the average of all other occupations.

Scientific: Work as laboratory technologist at hospitals, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Public Health laboratories, Research and product development.

Managerial: Supervisor in laboratory, as consultant to laboratory medicine industry, Quality assurance companies, sales and marketing.

Educational: As a tutor in laboratory medicine graduate programme.

Duration: 4 year

Affiliation: Affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences.


Bachelor in Cardio Vascular Technology (BCVT) is an Undergraduate Program offered by Lisie College of Allied Health Sciences.

Current management of various cardiac disorders includes complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, which involve use of various equipment’s, computer hardware, tools, machines, and pharmacological agents. Handling of these equipment’s and tools as well as their regular maintenance requires advanced and focused knowledge of the scientific principles on which the tests and equipment’s function, as well as to have hands-on skill in using these equipment’s correctly and safely.

This necessitates development of a cadre consisting of science graduates, who obtain focused, relevant knowledge in this specific area of cardiovascular technology through theory classes and supervised practical hands on training.

The graduate program in Cardiovascular Technology consists of three years of clinical faculty supervised theoretic learning and practical hands-on training. This enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills and concepts. At the end of three years the candidates will have to pass the examination to be eligible for the bachelor degree. Upon completion of the 3-year course and one-year internship the candidates will evolve into a full trained, qualified cardiovascular technologist capable of working independently.

Career Opportunities

  • After successful completion of the course, the person can be allowed to perform non-invasive procedures like echocardiography, treadmill and Holter testing under supervision of cardiologist and assist the cardiologist in cardiac catheterization laboratory.
  • Medical companies’ technical adviser
  • Cardiovascular interventional technologist
  • BCVT lecturer

Duration:4 year

Affiliation: Affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences



Diploma in Dialysis Technology is a program offered by Lisie College of Allied Health Sciences.

Dialysis is the artificial process of eliminating waste (diffusion) and unwanted water (ultra- filtration) from the blood. Our kidneys do this naturally. Some people, however, may have failed or damaged kidneys which cannot carry out the function properly - they may need dialysis. Dialysis may be used for patients who have become ill and have acute kidney failure (temporary loss of kidney function), or for fairly stable patients who have permanently lost kidney function.


In recent years the technology and techniques in the dialysis process have evolved opening many new options for those who require frequent dialysis procedures. The number of patients with Chronic Kidney Disease is also increasing.


Two year diploma program with one year internship in Dialysis provides students with the opportunity to study the principles of dialysis, basic medical science of the kidney, fluid and electrolyte balance, hematologic aspects, infectious diseases, dialysis systems and equipment, vascular access to circulation, blood chemistries, complications of renal failure, psychosocial aspects and an overview of peritoneal dialysis and renal transplantation. The program seeks to prepare students to work under the supervision of highly skilled medical professionals.


Career Opportunities

  • Career Opportunities are available in government and private hospitals, research centres, clinics, dialysis centres, paramedical training institutes, academic institutions and emergency medical services.
  • Dialysis therapist
  • Clinical coordinator
  • Dialysis technician
  • Dialysis supervisor

 Duration:2 year

 Affiliation: Affiliated to Directorate of Medical Education (DME, Kerala)



Anaesthesia is a paramedical discipline with increasing complexity in its application. There is extreme paucity of the skilled assistance in the country and there are few institutions and hospitals undertaking the responsibility of conduct this courses to train and develop skilled persons for wider use.
The Diploma course in Anesthesia Technology was started in 2005. The course commences in the first week of August every year.


Duration:2 year

Affiliation: Christian Medial Association of India (CMAI)