Lisie School of Nursing » Objectives

The Lisie School of Nursing is a unit of Lisie Medical institution and is functioning with following primary objectives.

On completion of GNM training of the students.

1. Realize the mobility of Nursing profession and dignity of their great vocation,
whereby they will see God in man and will minister to the sick with great sense
of dedication and commitment.

2. Develop basic skills and abilities to render services to the familiar and thereby to the society

3. Assess health status, identify the problems, plan and provide care, evaluate the services rendered to the clients.

4. Participate as members of the health team in preventive, promotive, curative and
rehabilitative services in health care delivery system.

5. Acquire adequate knowledge regarding current trends nursing profession and assist them in planning their future nursing career and give stimulus for advanced studies.

6. Achieve personal and professional development by encouraging active participation in curricular and co-curricular activities connect with the profession for which the institution has provided prizes, awards, scholarships and other incentives.