Lisie School of Nursing » Philosophy of Lisie School of Nursing

The Lisie School of Nursing is an integral part of Lisie Medical and Educational Institution. The Philosophy of Lisie School of Nursing has evolved from five decade’s experience and tradition of excellence in nursing education and is based upon a set of beliefs shared by the total nursing faculty.

Following the footsteps of the Divine Healer, the Lisie School of Nursing embraces the mission of Lisie Hospital, and has pledged to give its students, the kind of quality training in the art and science of nursing which aims to inculcate in them love and respect for the suffering humanity under deep sense of commitment to their cause. The faculty of the School of Nursing has designed the philosophy around the nursing concepts of client, health, nursing and environment.

The client of nursing is the recipient of nursing care and may include the person across the lifespan, family, group and community.
The person has a set of needs, hierarchical in nature which develops through a series of recognizable stages from conception till death. The faculty believes in the integrity, dignity and worth of person as an open, goal directed, humanistic being.

Health is defined as a state of well being resulting from harmonious interaction of body, mind, spirit and environment. The faculty believes that health must be considered in its broadest, holistic sense and it depends on a balance of physical, Psychological, sociological, cultural, developmental and spiritual factors.

The faculty believes that the professional nurse should be equipped with the knowledge, skill and attitude to render comprehensive nursing care so as to promote the health of individual, family and community and to work autonomously and collaboratively with the other member of the health team. While ensuring the welfare of public, the nurse also has the added responsibility to enhance the welfare of nursing profession.

The environment is the context in which an individual fulfills his basic needs. It consists of physiological, Psychological, socio cultural, spiritual and biophysical elements.