Lisie School of Nursing » Fee Schedule

Tuition Fee Rs. 18,000
KNMC Registration Fee Rs. 500
Transportation Charge Rs. 1000
Mess fee + establishment Fee Rs. 27,000/- per year
CHN affiliation Fee Rs. 1100
Uniform & Text books Rs. 8,800/-
Library & Computer Lab Rs. 1,000/-
Annual Examiniation Fee Rs.600/-
SNA fee Rs. 2000/-
Total Rs. 60,000/-


  • If any candidate discontinues the course, after closing the admission, notified by the nursing council, the candidate has to pay the full fee of the remaining course. Certificates will be issued only after payment of the above amount.
  • The duration of the course is 3 1/2 years. If after the first three months any student is found lacking in aptitude or found to have not made sufficient progress or found physically unfit to complete the course at any time during the period of training or if the character is found unsatisfactory, she will not be allowed to continue. Those who do not score at least the minimum marks in internal assessment will not be allowed to appear for the Council exam.
  • Students are eligible for 30 days leave every year of training. Beside this, they will be allowed 10 days sick leave.
  • They are to execute an undertaking on a stamp paper that they shall undergo Practical training for a period of one year after the completion of the course. (Subject to the decision of the higher authority)
  • The Course starts on 1st October 20..... and the candidates are expected to report to the Principal before .... AM on the same day.
  • Students after passing their first year examination will be eligible for concession treatment as per hospital rules.
  • All the selected candidates are strictly bound by the Rules & Regulations of the hospital, Nursing School & Hostel.